The ‘1st European Silverlight Challenge’ has ended and all of the participants did a pretty good job. However there can only be one winner who will become Europe’s Best Silverlight Developer 2008. The Winner and the first and second runner-ups will be awarded with a trip to Mix 08 as well as additional prizes from our sponsors.

20 Countries from all across Europe have been involved in this 1st Challenge developing the best Rich Internet Application with Microsoft Silverlight. With unlimited creativity, the entries demonstrated the true potential of this amazing technology.

The entries varied from games to multimedia tools and even real business applications, each one a unique piece.
The announcement of the challenge was received with excitement among European bloggers and the news spread very fast among the user groups via the effort of our wonderful .NET User Group Leaders, whom mobilized their members to participate in the event.

Thanks everybody for your efforts and support as this is what makes this community so great.

Oh, and well, by the way, the winners are…

Entry Country Originality Design Usability Technical execution Total
Silverlight Reversi (1st) Macedonia 7.5 9 9.5 9 35
Silverglobe (2nd) Germany 8.5 8.5 8.5 9.2 34.7
Silver Reader (3rd) Bosnia & Herzegovina 8.5 8.5 8.6 9 34.6
NovaWebGen (4rth) France 8.5 8 9 9 34.5
Alter bubble bubble Greece 9 8 7 9.5 33.5
Klotski for Silverlight Croatia 7.5 8.5 8 9 33
Multiplayer Silverlight PokerRoom Netherlands 7.5 8.5 8 9 33
Mapul project Russia 8.5 8 8 8.5 33
Weather Viewer Spain 8 8 8 8 32
Iteration burn-down chart Poland 8 7 8 8.5 31.5
Slot machine Norway 7.5 8 7 8 30.5
Puzzle game Bulgaria 7 7.5 7.5 8 30
Banana wars Slovenia 7 7 6 7.5 27.5
Carrousel of pictures Ukraine 7.5 7.5 6.5 5.5 27
Qmusic Live Radio Silverlight Sidebar Gadget Belgium 6.5 7 6 5 24.5
Black silverlight player UK 5 7 5 5 22

Concretely the 4th first places of the grand final correspond to:

1st Place (with the tittle of 2008 Europe’s Best Silverlight Developer) goes to Dejan Anevski, from Macedonia, with “Silverlight Reversi”.
2nd Place goes to Florian Kruesch, from Germany with “Silverglobe”.
3rd Place goes to Radenko Zec, from Bosnia & Herzegovina, with “Silver Reader”.
4th Place goes to Yann Faure, from France, with “NovaWebGen”.
To say that the winner and first and second runner-ups have won a trip to the MIX’08 and a slot to talk about their application, too.

IMPORTANT: Please the three main winners do contact ASAP Jose Luis Latorre (joseluis.latorre@ineta-europe.org) for arranging your trip to the MIX ’08.

Congratulations to all the contestants from all the INETA Europe Team!!
Many thanks to Pieter Joost who has been our final judge for the competition.

About Pieter Joost

Pieter Joost has been working in the computer industry for over ten years now. Besides a lead developer and software architect he is a regular speaker at national and international conferences; this year he attended sessions at. a.o. the Devdays and the Software Developer Event. Pieter Joost is secretary of the Dutch .Net Usersgroup (Dotned) and organizes on their behalf over 25 .Net related events a year. He furthermore frequently publishes.net articles in on- and offline media. In 2005 Pieter Joost was acknowledged as “top answers” and “most helpful answers” at the MSDN Forum.

Pieter Joost is one of the 5 Dutch MVP’s on C# (MVP stands for Most Valued Professional and is a title yearly given to IT professionals who Microsoft regard the top in their business.

Since 2007 Pieter Joost is working as a senior business consultant at Sogyo. He participates in several interesting .net projects and is responsible for in-and external seminars and lectures at Universities and Academies.